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Poor tempo at Bury

Posted by Bergen Blade on February 17, 2016 at 3:55 PM

Our starting line up at Bury was:




Brayford Edgar Basham McEveley


Reed Hammond


Calvert-Lewin - - - - - Baxter - - - - - - JCR





With Basham coming in for Collins it was pretty much the same team that beat Doncaster.


There are some good things on paper with this side.


  • Quite robust and experienced back four
  • One attacking full back supporting an inside forward (DCL) in front of him and a more holding type behind the out and out winger in JCR.
  • In midfield there's the exeperienced holding guy with a ball player in Reed.
  • More pace out wide and up front
  • Creativity and a midfield goal threat from Baxter
  • Generally a decent mix between experience and youth
  • Height/strength maintained


So why didn't it work at all? We added pace and had three players in midfield, which many of us have wanted. I think our two biggest problems were:


  • Lack of running/work rate/aggression, tenacity in midfield
  • Poor tempo


Before I watched the game I posted this on a message board, on JCR :


"Quite often the tempo of our attacks is so slow that by the time we actually get the ball out wide to him, the opposition have all their defenders back, waiting, ready to deal with the cross, if it comes in. I think also JCR at times slows things down himself before he takes his man on. Maybe he sees his job as to be available out wide, beat his man and knock it in, then hopefully there will be a teammate on the end of it. But I think he'd be more effective if he was more often part of a wave; quicker attacks where he could run onto the ball, attack his full back and cross before the opposition defence got back and before the movement into the box had stopped."



There were a few examples of this, including this one:



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Brayford's inside run and pass out to JCR has created some space, but it takes a long time before a cross comes in and we are lacking players in the box.




Our counter attacking wasn't good enough. I think us not being strong enough in midfield is the main cause of this, but even when we did have the chance we often chose not to take it. Here we win the ball when Bury have three or four players forward, but waste the chance to counter attack. There are too many passes and the long punt up to an isolated Adams is easy to deal with for their defence:


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Even Baxter, from his position behind Adams, gets back to playmake, rather than making attacking runs into space. Counter attacking is more than trying to kick it upfield for a quick striker to chase. We need determination to make use of these situations, and more players who can run on the ball, and off the ball, quickly and often.



Another example of many passes in our own half, then a chip up to a lonesome Che, who's really got a thankless task to do something about those passes:



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Finally, I'll include one better attempt: Here we win the ball when Bury have many players high up. DCL immediately (!) runs (!!) on the ball and hits a great through ball to Adams, who has timed his run well.



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Unfortunately Che's first touch makes him lose momentum, but he's still able to hit another through ball, to Baxter who's made a long off the ball run (!!!), but a challenge from behind sees him fail to control the ball.



We tried to up the tempo in the second half, but Bury were happy to drop deeper and soak up the pressure. In the end we had a very attacking side on the pitch, but still struggled to create much.



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